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- welcome -

We are a small cattery registered in WCF, BCC.

We specialize in breeding Siberian cats in "classic colours". All cats live with us and have the opportunity to move out the outside. Our cats are social, we pay maximum attention to them and we try to be happy with us.

To their satisfaction contributes regular veterinary care and feeding of high-quality ROYAL CANIN feed, beef and chicken, sometimes the quality of canned cat food.

Our breeding aim is to breed healthy individuals, who as near as possible to the breed standard. For kittens from our kennel are trying to find the best new homes,where can I love them and will be well cared for.

In conclusion, I want to thank all the friends I have in keeping the cats know, and who helped me and enriched me some advice,but you, who we will be delighted nice contribution in our guest book.

- contact -

Bc. Josef Kydlíček

Družstevní 241
CZ-333 01 Stod

Telefon :

+420 377 901 278
+420 602 380 210